MALKO Qualities

  • 100% asbestos free
  • Meet International Standards
  • Pass stringent performance tests.
  • Made from the highest quality material.
  • Made to suit the demanding conditions of the harsh Australian climate.
  • Come from a single source to ensure quality control.

Our Specialization

At MALKO, we specialise in providing brake pads to suit Japanese manufactured vehicles as
well as a range of popular vehicles in the Australian auto market.

We oversee the research, development and production of brake pads, braking plates and
brake accessories.

Best Brake Pads Distributors in Australia-

How We Started

The time had come to replace our brake pads. With a number of negative experiences between us – we were sceptical of the choices we had. Having already paid a fortune for pads that wore out quickly, or swiftly became noisy, we were tired of feeling duped. In saying that, we realize it could have been worse, with poor brake response straight off. It encouraged us to see what else was out there.
We did our homework.
With this, we saw an opportunity to introduce a cleaner, quieter; more efficient brake pad in the Australian market while stressing an importance on maintaining the highest performance metrics.

Our Products


MALKO have introduced a new generation of brake pads on the market that ensures reduced abrasion for perfect rim appearance and long life.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These brake pads contain metals such as copper, graphite, and iron. These are popular among race drivers.

Dedicated Support Team

Not only great products, we also provide the best support.